Friday, 11 October 2013

I once promised myself that I would never start blogging.
The reason was good enough:  I already have far too much work to do. While this is as true as ever, I experience that I need a place to share smaller pieces that I write (both popular and academic), conference papers, pictures of and reflections on the source material that I work on, course material, as well as comments on books and articles that I read.

This blog is called “Religion – manuscripts – media culture” and reflects my current research interests. I work on the intersection of religion and media culture - both current and medieval/ancient, I write on editorial theory, manuscripts and manuscript culture, and I specialize on the transmission and transformation of the so-called Pseudepigrapha among medieval Christians. These are the topics that will figure on this blog.

I will not blog every day, maybe not even every week. But I will blog regularly. Some posts are in English, while others are bilingually Norwegian and English.  Some posts are of general interest, while others are for a specialized academic audience. You’ll find the first posts here over the weekend.

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