Monday, 15 December 2014

Bible as Notepad conference: Introductory talk

The Bible as Notepad Conference is concluded. I have uploaded my introductory talk on Here:

SBL Pseudepigrapha Section call for papers, 2015 Annual Meeting

The SBL Pseudepigrapha Section Call for papers for the 2015 Annual Meeting is out:

The Pseudepigrapha Section is planning to have three sessions at the 2015 meeting in Atlanta. The first, closed session, jointly organized with the Hellenistic Judaism section, will be organized around Benjamin G. Wright’s new CEJL volume on the Letter of Aristeas. The second session, “Pseudepigrapha and Method,” is an open session. We invite papers that explore the methodological approaches that have shaped the study of the Pseudepigrapha, current methodological challenges in the study of the Pseudepigrapha, or the ways in which studies of the Pseudepigrapha can offer methodological corrections to the wider study of early Jewish and Christian texts and contexts. The third session is also an open session. Young scholars and new voices in Pseudepigrapha Studies are especially encouraged to submit abstracts.

More information here:

Monday, 8 December 2014

Exhibit of annotated Scandinavian Bibles

At the occasion of the conference Bible as Notepad starting on Wednesday 10 December we have put together an exhibit of annotated Scandinavian Bibles in the Library at MF Norwegian School of Theology.

The items on display are printed Danish-Norwegian Bibles, Psalters and Postills from the period 1550 - 2013, i.e., the post reformation period, and among them you find some real gems.

The focus of the exhibit is annotations - the short notes, comments, and doodles found in the margins, on flyleaves and pastedowns. These annotations show how owners (lay and learned) have engaged with the Bibles: preparing sermons, reading and studying, commenting, as well as doodling, sharing their private thoughts and episodes from their daily lives, and writing their names and family history.

The exhibition is a cooperation between The Norwegian Bible Society and MF Norwegian School of Theology and will be open until 15 December.