Friday, 8 May 2015

Updated program: Studying Ancient Magic: Categorisation - Comparison - Materiality

The updated program of the workshop Studying Ancient Magic: Categorisation - Comparison - Materiality is out. I am very proud to share it with you!

Wednesday 10th June (Auditorium 4)

08.30-09.00 Welcome and introduction, Nils H. Korsvoll and Liv Ingeborg Lied

09.00-10.30 Paper session
09.00-09.40 Anastasia Maravela (University of Oslo)
Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the Greek magical papyri?

09.50-10.30 Ewa Balicka-Witakowska (Uppsala University)
Magic Power of Gaze According to Ethiopians

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.45 Short paper session
10.45-11.15 Laura Willer and Sarah Kiyanrad (University of Heidelberg)
Amulets in Roman Egypt and Islamic Iran – Cross-cultural Comparisons

11.15-11.45 Olivier Dufault (University of Munich)
The Professionalization of Greek Curse Writing in Late Antiquity

12.00 Lunch

Keynotes (Auditorium 2)
13.00-14.00 David Frankfurter (Boston University)        
From Magic to Materiality: Refining an Exotic Discipline

14.00-15.00 Marco Moriggi (Università di Catania)
Jewish Divorce Formulae in Syriac Incantation Bowls

15.00-15.30 Coffee, cake and fruit

15.30-17.00 Short paper session (Auditorium 4)
15.30-16.00 Paolo Vitellozzi (IULM Milano / SFB 933 Heidelberg)
An Aphrodisiac formula on a Greek Magical Gem. Some reflections.

16.00-16.30 Malavika Binny (New Dehli University/Leiden University)
The Magic of Politics and the Politics of Magic: Delineating Miracle and Magic in the ‘Mother Mary Miracles’ in Kerala.

16.30-17.00 Juliane Schlag (University of Halle-Wittenberg)
The Necessity to Fall in Love – Ancient Greco-Roman Magical Thought in Love-Practices

19.00 Dinner  

Thursday 11th June (Auditorium 4)

09.00-10.30 Workshop
09.00-09.45 Marco Moriggi
The Relationship between Magic and ‘Official Religion’ in Sasanian Mesopotamia

9.45-10.30 David Frankfurter
Magical Charms from Late Antique Egypt

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.45 Short paper session
10.45-11.15 Emilio Suárez de la Torre (University of Pompeu Fabra)
Some Lexical Remarks and a Textual Conjecture on P. Oslo n. 1 (*PGM* XXXVI), ll. 211-230

11.15-11.45 Agnes Mihálykó Tothne (University of Oslo)
Liturgical manuscripts as amulets

11.45-12.45 Lunch

13.00-15.00 Excursion: Oslo University Papyri Collection (Oslo University Library)
Anastasia Maravela and Agnes Mihálykó Tothne (University of Oslo)

15.00 End of conference

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